The Hope Project believes the best approach to development is one that focuses on relational engagement with local communities.

Our team is guided by passionate and skilled local volunteers who have spent their lives serving their communities.

These volunteers ensure that the resources we put into the border region are effectively delivered to the areas of critical need. Our work could not be undertaken without these valuable gatekeepers.

The Hope Project designates its projects into four categories:

Border Basics

Border Basics covers general aid related initiatives such as the provision of medical supplies and foodstuffs. As the situation in Karen State continues to develop, we have also been able to fund an increasing number of educational initiatives such as the funding of Karen teachers in local schools.

Border Re-Build

Border Re-Build covers our basic infrastructure projects. These projects vary from providing funding for school dormitories to boats and tractors. Our Hope is that we will see an increasing number of funding requests for micro-economic, and small scale agricultural projects, signifying the increased ability for local people to rebuild post conflict.

Leaders of Hope

Leaders of Hope are local Karen youth and young adults who are trailblazers in their communities. The Hope Project supports students to achieve post-graduate degrees with the belief that these individuals will be able to provide invaluable support for their local communities upon their return.

Churches of Hope

The Hope Project partners with Croydon Hills Baptist Church in supporting church plants and faith based initiatives along the Thai-Burma Border. As well as being important projects for local christians, these initiatives often have the added effect of encouraging others to look beyond their current predicaments to a future where they are free to express their culture in the forms they desire.

*Churches of Hope donations are not tax deductible.