The Hope Project is proud to partner with the following organisations:


Croydon Hills Baptist Church: 

Croydon Hills Baptist Church facilitates weekly church services for hundreds of Karen who have settled in the area. CHBC is The Hope Project’s oldest official partner and is our base of operations. To found out more about Croydon Hills Baptist Church, just follow this link:


Eastern Karen Community Association of Victoria:

EKCAV was founded and is led by local Karen community leaders with the aim of supporting all Karen in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne and beyond. They are active members of the community and are responsible for raising awareness for the Karen people and their plight along the Thai-Burma border. To find out more about EKCAV, follow this link:

TLC Church:

TLC Church, Bayswater has a close friendship with the Karen in the area, and houses the offices for EKCAV. TLC works closely with Karen new arrivals to ensure they are afford ev

ery opportunity as they make their new lives in Victoria. Members of TLC’s eldership and pastoral team are also directors of The Hope Project. To find out more about TLC church, just follow this link:

Bendigo Baptist Church:

Bendigo has been blessed with an emerging Karen community and Bendigo Baptist Church has been just one of the local organisations what have benefited from getting to know them. They are a regular partner to The Hope Project and have funded several projects in various areas along that Thai-Burma border. To find out more about Bendigo Baptist Church, just follow this link:

The Grainshed Church of Christ:

The Grainshed Church of Christ has been supporting Karen along the Thai/Burma border for several years. The Hope Project and The Grainshed have recently partner together in order to ensure we maximise out impact in the places where we are both supporting. To find out more about The Grainshed Chuch of Christ, just follow this link:

The Australian Myanmar Institute:

The Australia Myanmar Institute was founded in 2013 in order to ‘create and strengthen sustainable, multi-sectoral, collaborative applied research and capacity building partnerships between Australia and Myanmar, to the mutual benefit of Australian and Myanmar institutions and in a manner that effectively manages capacity constraints in Myanmar, and with the ultimate aim of advancing social and public welfare in both countries.’ The Hope Project has partnered with AMI since 2017. To find out more about the Australian Myanmar Institute, just follow this link:


MADCOW stands for Make A Difference Change our World and exists to break the cycle of generational injustice. To help prevent family breakdown and homelessness. MADCOW is a firm believer in equipping others to help address social and economic injustice.Because of this, MADCOW has helped raise funds for multiple projects for

The Hope Project. If you would like to learn more about MADCOW, just follow this link:

Spinningtop, New Zealand

‘SpinningTop exists to give balance to vulnerable children living in poverty, whose lives have been thrown off balance through war, oppression and other circumstances beyond their control.’ Spinningtop has partnered with The Hope Project on multiple occasions and continue to do so, along the Thai-Burma border. To learn more about Spinningtop, just follow the link: