Border Basics

Wei LEr Mu Nursery School

Border basics covers projects that address immediate humanitarian needs, including food and medical supplies, as well as funding for schools.

Other Border Basics Projects

Border Rebuild

Pitaka School Fence

Border Rebuild includes small infrastructure projects such as clinics, schools and homes, that reestablished villages require.


Other Border Rebuild Projects

Leaders of Hope

Karen Refugee Further Study Grants 2017

Leaders of Hope works with local Karen who are trailblazers for their communities. By gaining access to tertiary education, these students can gain vital skills that their villages will benefit from in the future.


Other Leaders of Hope Projects

Churches of Hope

Saw Bwe Der Church roof and Stairs

The Hope Project is proud to partner with Croydon Hills Baptist Church in their Churches of Hope ministry which supports specific projects that are requested by local Karen Christian communities.

IMPORTANT: Churches of Hope projects fall under the banner of our partner, Croydon Hills Baptist Church. Therefore all donations will be directed towards the CHBC donation page, and will not be eligible for tax deduction.

For information regarding CHBC’s Churches of Hope projects, click below


Other Churches of Hope Projects